Virtual Conference
Healthcare conference 2023

Seyda Ozal

Gazi University, Turkey

Title: Recent Approaches for Return to Sport After Common Musculoskeletal Injuries


All athletes are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries during sports participation. The foremost concern for an injured athlete and medical team is the decision to return to sports. The timing of return to sports is decisive for the athlete to continue sports healthily. As the medical team must decide by considering many individual variables and sports demands, it is a complicated and crucial issue. The criteria for the return are constantly updated with feedback about performance and reinjuries following the return to play. In this presentation, the literature-based current progress for return to sports after common musculoskeletal injuries is described.


Seyda Ozal received her Physical Therapy License in 2012. She gained experience over three years and started her postgraduate studies as a research assistant in 2015. She obtained her Master of Science degree in 2017. Now she is continuing her doctorate education.