Virtual Conference
Healthcare conference 2023

Dachel Martínez Asanza

National School of Public Health, Cuba

Title: Cuban medical education and the role of house calls in COVID-19 context


In recent years, there has been an international increase of publications related to Covid-19 pandemic, due to its impact on the political, economic and social balance of countries, almost without exception. Among the actions implemented in Cuba, to control this pandemic, active research were carried out, developed by students, under the guidance of their teachers, and in order to detect posible cases of the contagious condition, which include visits to each of the houses of communities, that is, house calls. In relation to the scientific publications in the field of Medical Education Sciences, it would be useful to highlight that the house calls constitutes a modality of the teaching organization form called education at work, wich also constitutes a guiding principle of Cuban Medical Education, base on Martí's maxim of linking study with work and theory with practice, under teacher supervision, therefore, in the trainig of future professionals, house calls for specific purposes have been inserted into the study plans. However, the incorporation of the students of these studies, to the active research, in the detection of posible infected with COVID-19, has not been considered, theoretically at least, as a part of these house calls, and therefore, its fair value has not been highlighted in the scientific literature, so these two elements do not appear related, namely, the systematic visits in the training of health professionals and the early detection of patients through the increase of active research. Therefore, the author insists in the necessity that be considered the active research as integral part of the house calls, because in the context of COVID-19, it was possible to understand that the development of active research by means of house calls favor the community work with students, at the time that benefit the population and the health system in general.


Dachel Martínez Asanza has completed her PhD in Medical Education Sciences at Havana Medical Sciences University, Cuba. She is an Associate Researcher and Full Professor at the Technical Scientific Results Management department of the National School of Public Health, Cuba. She has over 25 participations in national and international scientific conferences.