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Healthcare conferences 2022

Carlos Henrique Lopes Martins

Pará University Center and São Leopoldo Mandic University, Brazil

Title: Monitoring in medical informatic skills on a medicine course: Experience report


Purpose: Report the exercise of an academic monitoring in the discipline of Medical Informatic Skills First Stage on a medicine course in two semesters. Report the monitor’s contribution to the teaching-learning process and the contribution for your training. 
Methods: Experience Report about 25 weeks during the 2017 academic year, where several actions were performed by the same monitor who observed practical reflections on his performance and of his monitored students. 
Results: The acting of the monitor ensured resolution of the activities proposed by the teacher, since doubts were clarified and tips transmitted during classes. The increased knowledge and interest in the discipline was observed, above all, by the frequency of approximately 65% of the students in the class during the first semester, and about 40% of the students in the second semester, besides their participation in the study group. It was possible to exercise the Teaching-Research, monitoring objectives. 
Conclusion: In this way, the monitoring was expressed as a trainer of learning not only in a collective and specific way, but contributing to potentiate the academic formation, instigating the future practice of teaching by the monitor. Consequently, the experience was constructive and promoted the theoretical and practical enrichment that could have been given to the discipline, pre-required, for basic training that will be required in the other semesters of the course.


Carlos Henrique Lopes Martins is pursuing his master’s degree in medical sciences at São Leopoldo Mandic University (Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic), Brazil. He is a doctor graduated at Pará University Center (Centro Universitário do Estado do Pará – CESUPA), Brazil. He has articles and book chapters published in medical education. He was several times a reviewer of reputed journals. He also speaks Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish.