Yehuda Shoenfeld, Primary Health Care 2021, Scientex Conferences

Yehuda Shoenfeld

Professor, Tel-Aviv University, Israel


Yehuda Shoenfeld is the founder and head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, at the Sheba Medical Center, which is affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Professor Shoenfeld clinical and scientific works focus on autoimmune and rheumatic diseases, and he has published more than 1750 papers in journals such as New Eng J Med, Nature, The Lancet, Proc Nat Acad Scie, J Clin Invest, J Immunol, Blood, FASEB, J Exp Med, Circulation, Cancer and others. Professor Shoenfeld is on the editorial boards of 43 journals in the fields of rheumatology and autoimmunity and is the founder and the editor of the IMAJ (Israel Medical Association Journal), the representative journal of science and medicine in the English language in Israel, and also is the founder and Editor of Autoimmunity Reviews (Elsevier) (Impact factor 7.9) and co-Editor of the Journal of Autoimmunity (Impact factor 8). 

Research Interest

Clinical Immunology, Hospitals, Internal Medicine, Public Health, Life sciences, Healthcare Management, Medical Research