Virtual Conference
Healthcare conferences 2022

Sondos Al Sad

University of California San Francisco, USA

Title: Primary care providers’ experiences treating low back pain


Our original work addresses the biological sex impact on low back pain (LBP) management and prognosis in primary care settings. To our knowledge, our study is the first in the USA to evaluate differences in clinicians' approaches to LBP in the ambulatory setting specifically based on patient gender. We used a cross-sectional online survey-based, data were collected anonymously using a 27-item online survey sent periodically via email to PCPs working in Ohio. We had 58 responses for analysis; data were analyzed using bivariate and multivariate analyses. Almost 9 out of 10 responding clinicians reported experiencing LBP. PCPs were not in agreement that LBP is different in women than men. Clinicians with women’s health, osteopathic, or sport’s medicine background were more likely to agree that LBP is different in women than in men. PCPs were more likely to counsel female patients about pelvic floor exercises, however their intake of present pelvic symptoms in LBP female patients is suboptimal. PCPs were more likely to counsel females for home chores than males, which is aligned with perceived traditional gender roles amongst PCPs. Our findings suggest that there is a knowledge gap among primary care providers towards the potential impact of biological sex on LBP and a bias towards gender roles when counseling patients for home chores or occupational tasks. Further evaluation of this knowledge gap and its impact on LBP management and prognosis is recommended in the USA.


Sondos Al Sad is a clinical associate professor at University of California San Francisco. Al Sad earned her medical degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She earned her Master of Public Health degree and completed her residency in family medicine at the University of Kentucky. Prior to UCSF, Al Sad worked at Ohio State University's Wexler Medical Center. As a certified menopause practitioner, she provides up-to-date care for patients transitioning to menopause. Her current research interests include women's health, intersectionality studies, patient-centered outcomes and cost-effective interventions. She has presented her research findings nationally at academic and community conferences.