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Healthcare conferences 2022

Seunghee Kim

Health Insurance Research Institute, Republic of Korea

Title: Regular exercise with chronic diseases


Background: Chronic diseases tend to be of long duration and progresses slowly. Once a chronic illness is diagnosed, treatment is better managed when physical activity (PA) and exercise are regularly. Chronic disease prevention, rehabilitation/treatment, and other health benefits of daily PA and exercise are continually being reported with new information being found. 
Objective: In this paper, we investigated how much exercise is regularly done by the people with chronic diseases. Method: We used the Korea Health Panel Survey (KHP) data. The KHP surveys health services utilization, care expenditures, and various important factors affecting good healthcare. We analyzed 11,593 survey participants in 2019. 
Results: Among 11,593 survey participants, 51.1%(5,929) have various chronic diseases, 30.6%(3,544) have hypertension, and 13.7%(1,589) have diabetes. 55.1%(3,268) of participants (5,929) with various chronic diseases and 50.2%(2,842) of participants (5,664) without various chronic diseases exercised regularly during last one year. 54.7%(1,937) of participants (3,544) with hypertension and 51.8%(4,173) of participants (8,049) without hypertension exercised regularly during last one year. 56.5%(898) of participants (1,589) with diabetes and 52.1%(5,212) of participants (10,004)  without diabetes exercised regularly during last one year. 
Conclusion: We confirmed that the participants with chronic diseases who exercised regularly had significantly more than those without chronic diseases (p<0.01).


Seunghee Kim has completed PHD from Seoul National University, Korea. She has been working for over 10 years in National Health Insurance Service.