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Healthcare conferences 2022

Ryan McKinley

Slippery Rock University, USA

Title: Marijuana, a Journey through the Endocannabinoid System: Unmasking the Paradoxical Effect


This paper strives to create a better understanding of how cannabis works as medication in the Endocannabinoid System & Central Nervous System by identifying synergies between cannabis Phyto-compounds, the entourage effect. Searching for the pathology of the paradoxical effect in cannabis uncovers many common pathways of cannabis through the ECS and CNS. Cannabis has the capacity to contain synergistic reactions that may act in biphasic manners. It is important to be cognizant of this disruptive inter-entourage to avoid potential post biphasic reactions from medicinal cannabis. The specific biphasic/ paradoxical manner in question was researched and identifies that medicinal cannabis use manipulates tryptophan and serotonin release. Demonstrating, that diet may demand a higher tryptophan supplementation to avoid agitation on the receptor level. This paper explains the pathology of how cannabis consistently reacts in the ECS; only separated by metabolism and disruption in the ECS & CNS. Implying that there is no paradoxical effect in cannabis, but in the patient, only mediated  by metabolism and the exception of  individuals who uptake stimulants and process tryptophan and/or serotonin in a disrupted manner causing a perceived paradoxical effect or the buildup to and or what will be referred to as ASR/ATD. The chart developed show how to unravel multiple cultivars’ bioavailability to then combine and create a more robust and stronger entourage pulling from multiple cultivars with specific bioavailability of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids necessary. Indirectly the chart also identified inter-entourages, more importantly “antagonistic” inter-entourages. By helping a patient identify and track terpenes and cannabinoids that cause specific reactions, the patient, will be able to identify a prescription that works for them. All of us in the medicinal industry and researchers need to continue our work understanding the benefits of cannabis and most importantly, work together to remove cannabis from inhumane restriction.


Ryan McKinley has been researching and working in the cannabis industry for 4 years. He has recently developed a company The Herbal Rubik’s Cube to specifically address the needs of patients in the medical marijuana program of America and its community. Ryan’s most recently published, “Marijuana, a Journey through the Endocannabinoid System: Unmasking the Paradoxical Effect”, a two part comprehensive research article featured in “Phenolic Compounds - Chemistry, Synthesis, Diversity, Non-Conventional Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Applications”. Focuses have been on gathering and incorporating scientific information from over 1000 published scientific and clinical studies. He has organized this information into a format to support patients and the professionals that are entrusted with their care and wellbeing. He continues his research and intends to continue publishing. Ryan attended Slippery Rock University, Montgomery County College, Rowan University and holds the following certifications: Endocannabinoid Medicine Professional Certification, American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine, June 2020; Cannabis Consultant Training, May 2020; Professional Interpener Certificate (cannabis sommelier), Trichome Institute, 2019; Extractions and Concentrates Fundamentals Certificate, Cannabis Training University, May 2020;  Master Certificate, January 2020;  Alchemy Academy; Basic & Advanced Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), 2022