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Healthcare conferences 2022

Marta Zapata-Tarrés

Fundación IMSS, A.C, Mexico

Title: Five minutes for a life: An early detection program in México


Cancer in the pediatric age in Mexico represents the second cause of death in children under 18 years of age. Five minutes for a life is an initiative to promote early diagnosis based on the Health Law published on January 7, 2020. It was established as a proposal with solid scientific foundations coupled with pedagogical, design and advertising support. It is a pioneering project in Mexico with a national visión and sustainable over time. The program has 4 main axes. The project is limited to five tumors that have the characteristic of presenting symptoms in their initial stages that can be detected in the office by a non-specialist doctor and without specialized laboratory and cabinet equipment or studies. In addition, they are malignant neoplasms that, if treated in early stages, have cure rates of over 80% or prevent the mutilation of any organ, in this case the eyes or limbs. Finally, they are diseases in which a simple action by the doctor is possible to measure an impact in 12 to 24 months. 
·        Educational strategy: transmit knowledge about early signs and symptoms to health professionals and the general population. Videos and material for social networks has simple and inclusive language. 
·        Cancer Booklet: development of a tool for the detection of signs and symptoms of childhood cancer divided into the different medical age groups of first contact, carried out through a Delphi panel. 
·        National Health Law: modification of the Vaccination Card Law for the mandatory search for the red reflex in newborns, boys and girls under 2 years of age every 2 months. 
·        Indicators through Research Strategy: through the information obtained from the axes previously described, obtain material useful for research and new strategies or complementary strategies.


Marta Zapata-Tarrés has completed his PHD in medical sciences at The National University in Mexico City. She is a pediatric oncologist for 20 years and has over 100 publications that have been cited over 800 times, and her publication h-index is 20. She has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals.