Virtual Conference

Mano Laohavanich

Gandhi Institute, Rangsit University, Thailand

Title: Political economy of cannabis in Thailand


This paper is about the origin of policy on cannabis of the current government of Thailand, especially under the new minister of public health, its applications, obstacles and plausible solutions and the policy suggestion for deregulation of cannabis. It will take decades for cannabis extracts to be used in the conventional Medicine. Cannabis should definitely be banned from recreation uses, and the government should encourage more research and development of cannabis to be used for medical purposes, both in the Thai traditional medicine and conventional medicine. The former has an advantage that in the production of cannabis-based traditional medication does not require trials in animal and human models.


Mano Laohavanich is a politician, a medical doctor, a pioneer in palliative care in Thailand who, as a buddhist monk, studied sanskrit and indology at Oxford, medical ethics at Harvard University, and healing meditation at Hamburg University. He is the founder and director of Gandhi Institute of Rangsit University, Thailand.