Virtual Conference
Healthcare conferences 2022

Karien Jooste

Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Title: Voices of nurse educators during Covid-19 as part of developing a leadership programme


In 2018, the Department of Nursing Science started a project to develop a research programme towards self-leadership of nurse academics. Through a participative mixed method, the participants undergo different steps in developing their research competencies, and unexpectedly faced the impact of a pandemic on their research journey. In a group discussion, the writing of a narrative in research was explored. The question posed was: "How is it for us to undertake the research journey in the circumstances of Covid-19?". Eleven nurse academics participated in a one hour recorded online session, and open coding was applied in the analysis. The underlying dynamic of the findings was that an unexpected changing environment has occurred, draining staff emotionally in an administrative and teaching focused environment. Self-leadership was shown in their self-mastery to push forward and taking small steps in research. The findings revealed that the sudden shift in focus in the academic environment disregarded the rights of staff to a healthy workplace and robbed them of their worthiness in becoming a researcher. Covid was viewed as a giant overtaking their whole life leaving them with feelings of guilt and disappointment for not progressing in their research participants experienced difficulties prioritizing research due to the ever-changing Covid related levels and policies. They felt hardship however realised that they needed to serve the students and community in unpredictable environment. In conclusion, despite challenges and the various demands, they understood the importance of progressing in research and made slow strides in demonstrating their commitment becoming researchers.


Karien Jooste has nearly 38 years’ experience in nursing education and editor of 7 health care books, including the latest (2021) on Health Services Management and Leadership. Served as an honorary professor of the University of Swansea in Wales and the International University of Management, Namibia with a focus on research collaboration in leadership development. Editorial board member and professional editor of national journals, and previous professional editor (Africa) and board member of the International Journal of Nursing Management. Joint project with Dr Wilson (Missouri) on community leaders and wellbeing of the communities in rural areas of Missouri and Genadendal, Western Cape South Africa. Have presented at international conferences in more than 50 countries and numerous nationally. She has more than 100 publications in national and international Journals mostly peer reviewed. She has completed more than 50 master and doctoral students at various universities in South Africa and Namibia. NRF rated researcher in South Africa. She has also obtained two prestigious awards for Nursing in South Africa, namely being on the Hall of Fame of Fundisa for researcher in South Africa, and awarded to be a Fellow of the Nursing Academy of SA (FAAN).