Virtual Conference
Healthcare conferences 2022

Igor Vinícius Pimentel Rodrigues

Federal University of Maranhão , Brazil

Title: Bacteriophages: The good side of the viruses


Bacteriophages or phages are bacterial viruses that are known to invade bacterial cells and, in the case of the lytic phages, impair bacterial metabolism, causing them to lyse. Since the discovery of these microorganisms by Felix d’Herelle, a French-Canadian microbiologist who worked at Institut Pasteur in Paris, bacteriophages begin to be used in the treatment of human diseases, like dysentery and staphylococcal skin disease. However, due to the controversial efficacy of phage preparations, and with the advent of antibiotics, commercial production of therapeutic phage preparations ceased in most of the Western world. Nevertheless, phages continued to be used as therapeutic agents (together with or instead of antibiotics) in Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Union. Therefore, there is a sufficient body of data that incite the accomplishment of further studies in the field of phage therapy. 


Igor Rodrigues has completed his Master of Sciences Degree at the age of 28 years old from Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil. He also was a resident in public health, receiving the title of Sanitarian.  He has four publications that have been cited over 10 times. He has a deep interest in clinical and environmental microbiology and in the study of bacteriophages.