Virtual Conference
Healthcare conference 2023

Ewa J. Kleczyk

The University of Maine, USA

Title: Leveraging Disease-Based Community Data to Provide Insights into Current Atopic Dermatitis Treatments


This conference presentation will discuss the current landscape of Atopic Dermatitis treatment pathways and management of disease progression. The data leveraged for the analysis is from disease-based communities, otherwise known as patient registries. The disease-based communities work with the participating healthcare institutions and enroll qualified patients to aid understanding the characteristics of the population and sub-cohorts, as well as therapy protocols and regimens, time to and on therapy, discontinuation trends and reasons, and healthcare outcomes. Since the data collection includes EMRs with the ability to append patient reported outcomes questionnaires, as well as any other data sources relevant to the condition study, the resulting datasets provide in-depth insights on the patient population and their treatment pathways. KOLs and treating physicians are the Principal Investigators, managing and monitoring the patient progression and treatment care. The audience will be able, as a result, to learn the current preferred treatment pathways in treating Atopic Dermatitis, management of disease progression, as well as understand the underlying patient characteristics and historical medical information that drive the selection of therapies.


Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD is a Senior Vice President of Commercial Analytics & Data Curation at Target RWE that provides best-in healthcare industry real-world data (RWD) solutions utilized throughout the drug development and commercialization spectrum. Previously, she was a Vice President of Advanced and Custom Analytics at Symphony Health, ICON, plc, leading commercial analytics applications, privacy compliance, and data operations. Dr. Kleczyk is also a highly sought-after conference speaker with experience speaking at leading industry conferences, including presentations at Pharmaceutical Marketing Sciences Association, Advena – a Keynote Speaker, 2nd Primary Healthcare & Medicine Summit, Intellus, DTC Perspectives, Women Empowerment Symposium, Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems, and Conference for Business and Economics at the Harvard University, etc. She also has published in multiple academic & industry journals, contributed chapters to several academic books – most recently on Endometriosis - as well as has been a board member of several peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Kleczyk has been an active advocate of mentoring future women leaders of the healthcare industry for which she has been recognized with multiple leadership awards, including HBA’s ‘Rising Star’ & ‘Luminary’ recognitions. In June 2022, she was a finalist for the Women in IT Awards, in the Contribution of the Year category. Dr. Kleczyk earned her Doctorate Degree in Agricultural & Applied Economics from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.