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Alba Marina Chaparro Mancuello

General surgeon , Paraguay

Title: Gender disparity in publications of the Cirugía Paraguaya Journal during the period 2011 to 2020


Authorship in a journal is highly appreciated both in academia and in the private sector. Although there has been an upward trend in medical publications, the proportion of women among authors in the medical literature varies greatly by field, authorship position, and journal. Recently, women have been shown to have a greater impact on the literature. Around the world, women have made substantial strides in participation in the medical profession. One observational cross- sectional descriptive study was conducted. The sampling used was non-probabilistic of consecutive cases, including all articles (original and case reports) published in the journal Cirugía Paraguaya, during the period 2011 to 2020. There was a growing trend regarding the number of publications, in relation to the number of female authors a fluctuating trend was seen, having the highest participation in 2013. As for the percentage of female first author in that period of time, there was the highest proportion of first authorship in 2012 and in terms of female co-authorship there was a trend in plateau, thus having the highest participation in 2013.


The author completed the general surgery specialty after 3 years, before finish the medical degree at the university (Universidad Nacional de Asuncion) in Paraguay. The Senior author who supervise the research, a general surgeon with the specialty in percutaneous surgery, magazine editor and editorial member of other magazines, research category h-index is 22.