Healthcare conference

Shiliang Song

Professor, Suzhou University, China


Shiliang Song graduated from the Suzhou Medical College in 1983. From 1988 to 1992, he was the vice president of Huangjing Central Hospital of Taicang City. From 1997 to 2006, he was the director of emergency department of Taicang First Hospital affiliated to Suzhou University. Now he is the chief physician and professor of internal medicine. Member of Suzhou Medical Technology Appraisal Expert Database. Jiangsu government procurement evaluation expert. Hosted the project of “The Epidemiological Investigation and Prevention Strategy of Pesticide Poisoning in Taicang City” won the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Suzhou City. He was awarded a third-class merit by the Taicang Municipal People's Government and an excellent scientific and technological expert in Taicang City, China. He was also a key member of the 2003 fight against SARS. Since COVID-19 has been popular, He has fought in the first line of clinical practice and conducted in-depth research on the theory and practice of COVID-19 in his spare time. The paper "COVID-19 Is Further Subdivided Into COVIP-19 and COVII-19 " was published in Frontiers, Public Health and another paper "China Experience in Controlling COVID 19 "was published in SocArXiv and OSF.

Research Interest

China’s Experience in Controlling COVID-19