Healthcare conference

Roziah Sidik

, Universiti Kebangsaan , Malaysia


As an expert in the history and philosophy of Islamic science, Roziah focuses her research on music therapy in Islamic civilization. She has received a research grant related to music therapy from Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia for the period 2016-2019. She has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles in journals, proceedings and seminar in the field of history and philosophy of Islamic science and Islamic civilization. Among her articles are Epistemology and Philosophy of Music in the Islamic civilization; Impact of Music Therapy on Mental Patients: Review based on Implementation of Music Therapy in the Islamic Civilization; and Analysis of Philosophical Understanding Sources on Music Therapy in the Middle Ages of Islam. This writings soared her reputation in this field to the point of attracting the interest of many parties to utilize her expertise. She was invited by La Green Compagnie in France to share her expertise. IntechOpen, the world’s leading Science, Technology and Medicine Open Access book publisher also invited her to contribute a chapter to ‘Music in Health and Diseases’. Currently she is working on a research related to the application of music therapy on higher education institution’s students following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research Interest