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Mary Hagg

Associate Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden


Mary Hägg is Associate Professor at Uppsala University and has been head of department of the Speech and Swallowing Centre at Hudiksvall Hospital ENT faculty, providing specialist treatment for the Swedish country Gästrikland. She has held this position for 31 years. She is a registered dentist as well as holding a PhD and associate professorship in ENT experimental disease treatments.
She has led or participated in 17 scientific studies and has published six book chapters related to swallowing dysfunctions and their treatments and is an internationally sought-after speaker, lecturer on this subject. She is the inventor of the IQoro neuromuscular training device which is now used by tens of thousands of people in Europe to treat swallowing difficulties, the legacy problems of stroke, reflux-based diseases, and snoring and sleep apnoea.
Mary is co-author of the book chapter referenced above, along with Associate Professor Thomas Franzén of the Dept. of Surgery and Dept. of Clinical and Experimental Medicine at Linköping University in Sweden.

Research Interest