Diana Dimitrova

Diana Dimitrova

Professor, University of Medicine, Bulgaria


Diana Dimitrova has completed her first scientific thesis 1993, at the age of 19 years from ChPhP Scientific Institute, PR of Bulgaria about Immunomodulators. The second scientific thesis has completed at the age of 27 years from SW University, Bulgaria about Healthcare management of ECCS and the third was about Healthcare risk management in case of Outbreak of a Traumatic Defeat. She has the supervisor head of ECC in SW region, Bulgaria. She is a co-founder (founding member) of European Council of DM, 2014.  She has over 100 publications and has attended several scientific meetings in Europe and Asia with more than 60 scientific texts. She is a co-author of three international monographs.   

Research Interest

Medical triage – an essential tool for medical provision in outbreak of traumatic injury